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Gateway Facilities ULC is the premier aviation hub in Cape Breton. Located at J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport, Gateway Sydney features Canada’s premier FBO, exceptional executive Helicopter and jet charter and unrivaled hangar storage and maintenance.



(902) 615-7536
Air Freq: 130.075


Quality Assurance Phone: (902) 873-4100
Cell: (902) 718-7913

Breton Air Helicopter Charter

Phone: (902) 615-7536

Maritime Air Charter

(902) 873-3330

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Our Location

J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport (CYGY).

280 Silver Dart Way, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1M 1B8 Canada.

Location: N 46.16 -60.42°
ELEV: 191.11 Feet
Atlantic Time Zone: -4 Winter-3 summer